Our Mission

Excessive Traffics

People living in Urban Cities have a hard time commuting to and from work creating a vastly inefficient system in which most valuable productive working hours are spent navigating through traffic.

Analyzing Statistics

Cities collect traffic data frequently, and road attributes are well documented. However, there is no current process for identifying which roads can be improved and how to improve them.

Testing and Optimization

Urban Developers do not have a way to plan out how different signs will lead to better use of public infrastructure and rely on trial and error to see how a potential change will impact travel times.


Private contractors often struggle with not only determining how to optimize roads but also with not having proper funding to do so. Residents are willing to fund infrastructure projects, but have no way to support them.

Traffic Congestion Statistics

billion dollars spent on road infrastructure each year
billion dollars of gas wasted due to traffic congestion in the US
thousand deaths each year due to high traffic congestion
thousand minutes spent waiting at stop signs per person

Our Process

AI-Powered Solution

Our AI model inputs data on road features, such as lane count, signage, and signals, as well as the average traffic flow of the road. Our model then analyzes how each feature correlates with the road time and determines how adding or removing certain features can help improve traffic flow.

Interactive Designing

We allow city planners and contractors to interactively design their roads by adding or removing specific features. When the road is adjusted, we display the predicted change in traffic flow along with other key statistics, allowing planners to appropriately experiment solutions.

Local Feedback

We allow local residents to contribute to infrastructure design. Often residents notice issues with roads more often than city planners, and by allowing them to test their own ideas and submit reports to the government, we make the process of road design much more efficient and impactful.

Private Contracting and Crowdfunding

Often, infrastructure projects are taken on by private contractors, but they are only given projects instead of proposing projects. We allow contractors to design new road changes, send them to the government for approval, and share the changes with residents to collect funding through crowdsourcing.

The Team



Fullstack, Backend


Fullstack, Backend


Frontend, UI Developer


Frontend, UI Developer